Mean Streets

New bangin’ edit from Rob Whiston for A Third Foot Skateboards.

Celebrating the release of their new board range ‘Mean Streets’, Ryan Price, Luke Kindon and Henry Fox spent the day out in Birmingham cruising the spots which the gully city has to offer.

Top edit with a top crew. Check it out.

*Suicide Free*

To free yourself from suicide from my previous post, click play on the below link to feast your shadowed eyes on some real street skating. Chunky, ripped shoes. Baggy jeans or cargos. 90’s hip-hop. NY streets. And all filmed on a dirty 90’s pre-VX camera. Beautiful.

LurkNYC – Pat Hoblin for days…

What The Fuck is a Leticia Bufoni?

So I’ve been struggling with my sleep recently. Maybe it’s due to the fact that all these pros are leaving their shoe companies to be paid thousands by Nike or Adidas *cries*. Or maybe it’s the fact that Leticia Bufoni is an asshole. Probably the latter.

Everyone’s been raving about how funny the new Skateline is. I agree. But on a real note, why is Leticia Bufoni an a-grade asshole? Is it because she models for Nikey? Is it because she is producing her own movie about herself? Or maybe it’s the fact she got a boob job for free and I didn’t. I dunno. I’d say she’s just as bad as Mountain Dew as a company. Paying models to stand at the front of skate comp like an fuckin’ eyesore.

Look at Daewon and Marc Johnson (everyones finger is pointing at you Marc), ‘keeping it real’ for soooo long. Are they allowed to go to Adidas like the way they did and still be respected? (we’ve all seen THAT Mike Carroll interview)

Either way, skating is so commercialised and money-driven right now. And I fuckin’ hate it.

Landscape / Wu-Tang

Incredible Manchester edit by Joe Gavin and the Landscape peeps up north. Featuring: Keanu Robson, Ash Hall, Joe Gavin, Nick Stansfield, Jin Shimizu, Snowy and Jed Coldwell. Filmed and edited by Joe Gavin himself.

More Cruise

Just got round to watching More Cruise by Magenta. Good, classic street vibes. Watch this and get hyped for a Bank Holiday skate.


Banging edit from Greg Herbert over LP Mafia, featuring Brummy locals and its surrounding area: Kelley Dawson, Luke McManus, Graham Thoms, Isidro Camacho, Miles Clark-Wallace, Tyrone O’Hanrahan, Alain Dorvilier, Weasel, Laurie O’Hara, Vaughan Jones, Paul Hill, and Guy Jones.

Send it lad

Here’s destroyer of all skate obstacles Ali Watson’s Lords of WolfTown section.

Tune in next weekend for the last section from the video, Sean Bakers.