Anthony Ackers in ‘Stray’

Proper Black Country bloke Anthony Ackers joined us just as the filming deadline for Wulfrunian hit. Three years later and we get a fully deserved closing section from him in our recent video ‘Stray’.

A man with stacks of determination and 100% graft (including a 27 hour round trip to Glasgow with no sleep!!), we proudly present to you Anthony’s section in ‘Stray’.

Tune in at 9PM to watch the online premiere:

Alex Ramsell in ‘Stray’

After straight edge Alex Ramsell got denied access to Gnargore, we were sure to grab him up.

Fast forward a couple of years and he produces this jazzy, all-night footage section within The Black Country for us (apart from a trip up to Scotland).

We are proud to release Alex’s creative section from our recent video ‘Stray’.

Tune in at 9PM to watch the online premiere:

Stray Premiere

On Friday 31st January we premiered our third full length video at Lighthouse, Wolverhampton. This video featured sections from new riders Anthony Ackers, Alex Ramsell, Luke Elks and Ciaran Dension. As well as sections from Sean Baker, Chris Emery and Ali Watson.

We were fortunate to be supported by Palomino, Ideal, Morale and Vague. With Medicine Codsall supplying some cake and Cork and Cage supplying alcohol for the audience.

Keep your eyes peeled, this video will be for sale very soon…


Wild camping, hiking and aching legs. That’s what our ‘little’ trip to The Lakes consisted of. Two days in, 48 hours of rain and lots of pub visits deep, we decided to hike up Scafell Pike as we thought we weren’t going to get any skating in whatsoever. Eventually, after a couple of days, the clouds disappeared and we swapped our hiking boots for our useless wooden toys.

Watch Ali, Gib and I in Grot.

The Black Country Vol. 4 – Reflections

In situ with the release of the first ever Wolftown deck designed by James Nash, we are proud to present to you Black Country Vol. 4 – Reflections. This volume was filmed solely at Wolverhampton Civic.

Wolverhampton’s skate scene has been full of solidarity since at least the mid 90’s. The Wolverhampton Civic has provided a home to skateboarders within the city throughout the decades. After scares of the Civic being knocked down and seeing the maturity of the current skate scene grow, I decided to create this montage. I chose to film solely at Civic as I wanted to try and portray the history of the spot, as well as reflect on the real unity between skateboarders.

This volume includes skating from: Nick Binnington, Rajinder Sami, Alex Ramsell, Ali Watson, Henry Fox, Christopher Emery, Cam Edwards, Sean Baker, Ian Bird, Dan Brueton, Jason Latchford, Jobie Morris, Ash Wilson, Shaun Boyle, Ste Kaveh, Nick Sharratt, Anthony Ackers, Burger Bigmore, Ciaran Denison, Gib, Jake Round, Luke Elks.

Filmed and edited by Christopher Emery. Additional filming by Rajinder Sami. Super 8 by Christopher Emery.


Sean Baker

The wolftown legend hits 30, so we have released his Wulfrunian section. Sean came on every trip, and killed it at every spot. Fully deserved opening section to our second full-length video. Happy birthday Sean! X

The Black Country Vol. 3

Sweaty summer vibes throughout The Black Country have produced Volume 3 right here. Filmed throughout The Black Country and its surrounding areas, this volume includes skating from: Henry Fox, Alex Ramsell, Kaine Bird, James Denning, Kane Dearn, Henry Matthews, Anthony Ackers, Claire Alleaume, Brad Edwards, Dan Brueton, Shaun Boyle, Christopher Emery, Ali Watson, Sean Baker, Ben Sheldon, Rajinder Sami, Luke Elks, Dan Smith and Kris Vile.

Filmed and edited by Christopher Emery. Additional filming by Rajinder Sami.